We are passionate that each child, regardless of ethnicity, religion, social, or income status, has a chance to succeed. We endeavor to help build futures full of promise for underprivileged children through the collection and distribution of FREE, new, or like-new, books and by holding reading events. We partner with pediatricians, schools, preschool programs, such as Head Start, communities, and social-service organizations.

Research shows that there is a 30 million word-gap heard by children by the age of 3 between poor and higher income children. These children are at a huge disadvantage when starting kindergarten. We hope to help to reduce the gap by providing books to the children who most need them.

We will continue to work hard to secure book donations in order to level the playing field.






Childhood Literacy Adds Potential
We provide FREE books to children from under-resourced communities in the Greater D.C. Metro area. 

Want to know what makes C.L.A.P. unique? 


Hear from the wonderful pediatricians at the Children's National Hospital and others in the community talk about the great work C.L.A.P. is doing to encourage children to love books in the greater Washington, D.C. area. 

5-Book drive-Barnes and Nobles-Bethesda.

We are Teresa and Joel Kaplan, founders of C.L.A.P. As the parents of five successful children, we understand the impact reading has on the future of children. We have worked full-time for 4 years for the important cause of Childhood literacy and are dedicated to our work. Children's literacy unlocks the door to a happy, productive life.



C.L.A.P. has had a major impact on the lives of 1,000's of children by donating books we buy and/or receive from people just like you. In 4 years, we have distributed over 60,000 new or like new books to underserved children in the Greater Metropolitan Washington D.C. area.

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Find a donation center or book drive event near you. Come out to support the cause and make a difference in the lives of children in the DMV!


Who We've Helped

  • Boys & Girls Clubs in Virginia

  • Northern VA Family Services (Head Start & Early Head Start)

  • Children's National Hospital

  • Mary's Center for Children

And many more...
  • INOVA Cares for Children

  • Van Dorn Pediatrics


Your book donations go directly to children who love to read in the DC Metro area!


Contact us to set up a convenient time and place to drop off your gently used or new books for kids.  Or, check out our drop off locations for a spot near you. 

Phone: 703-461-3166      Cell: 703-346-2672

tjkaplan2011@yahoo.com             superjk2019@gmail.com

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